Mr. Dark and Mr. Light Audio Book

by Far I Shields

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Audio Book Written by Far I Sheilds


This book was a gift of thought peace, a release and surrender to the divine. I was awoken by spirit saying if you want relief my son, please get up and write. I obeyed orders. I awoke and picked up a pen & journal. The story wrote itself.

There are three main characters. The moderator, Mr. Dark and Mr. Light. There are also some townspeople at the local coffee shop that are involved and a particular woman, who has no name yet helps to move the conversation along at key moments in the story.

This book was inspired by the extreme trials of raising a young African American male in the post Depression of 2008 Era.

I lost my house. I lost my marriage. With all of these losses I also lost the respect of my 21 year old son. When we are young we have all the answers. As time goes and life grows we realize humans are often humbled by the realization that we are a very microscopic element in a vast universe. With wisdom we surrender the ego to the divine and live in gratitude.

The heat was on. My son was very unhappy about how his life had turned out. When he was 16 he learned how to play a financial education game written by Robert Kiyosaki entitled CashFlow. The goal of the game was to get out of the Rat Race and to get on the fast track where the wealthy lived with financial abundance. We did great in the game together. Late at night after playing for hours all of the players would be out of the Rat Race and on the fast track ready to live a life of abundance. Now he was 21 and our lives were far, far away from the fast track.

After losing my family home my son and I were homeless. We stayed with friends, slept in our cars which was a true blessing that we had cars and made it by until we could generate enough income through our healthy cleaning business to pay rent and stabilize our economics. With clock ticking and expectations high my son had many melt downs where his dissatisfaction with our current circumstances became overwhelming and blame was the name of the game.

Mr. Dark and Mr. Light was written through me. The characters are not father and son yet they are twin brothers. Much like my relationship with my son there was also a whole lot of water under the bridge between the two brothers. Also like the father and son dynamic the family name was involved. The Light family name exemplifies righteousness, and productive citizens. The Dark family name represents negative thoughts, deeds and actions. The scene is set in a small town and begins with the older of the two twin brothers Mr. Light having an epiphany. “People are the Best”. Well Mr. Light says to himself if people are the best then what about my little brother who has changed his name to Dark. If people are the best then Mr. Light fathoms that he should be able to shine his day into his twin brother’s night.

So Mr. Light challenges his little brother Mr. Dark to a great debate. Change is the goal. Mr. Light wants to change Mr. Dark.

The debate is set in a small town. With the entire town knowing the family history and story there is much tension in the air. People in the town are curious and what to know who will win the debate. Will the voice of reason, logic and light triumph or will doom and gloom cast its dark clouds of frustration over the town.

I pray that you, your family and friends enjoy the story of Mr. Dark and Mr. Light. There is also a workbook attached at the end of the story that has fun questions for family and friends to generate their own great debates.


released May 17, 2016

Written and Recorded by Far I Shields
Voice: Far I Shields


all rights reserved



Far I Shields Oakland, California

The Music of Far I Shields is designed to uplift the spirit.

It is an exciting time to be human. Knowledge and information that was once reserved to the elite few is now easily availble to the masses.

We are the solution that we are looking for. Self Love leads to self care. Divine frequencies are now available to live on.

Use the music to allign your spirit to the source of all things.
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